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100% Miel Cruda Ecológica Sólo Miel, Nad






                      NOT MANUFACTURE IT

"Aumel is one of the best honeys that I 've had in a long time, you can savor the attention and care that has been put into obtaining it, not to mention the design of the packaging, which I find precious.

The wildflower is a perfect honey to design a fresh spring dessert, while the forest honey would be ideal to make a meat demi glace.

It is a pleasure to be able to have this type of product, made with care, in an ecological way and with 100% material from our land. "


Chef, Coque Restaurant

Rafael Ansón

President of the European Community

of the New Gastronomy

"Honey is one of my favorite foods. Healthy and gastronomic.
If it is also ecological and handcrafted, even better, as in this case.
It is a "real" honey, a pure, sustainable and 100% Spanish product.
The two varieties have the same quality and the packaging is very attractive and original.
Creativity in the world of honey. "

Mario Sandoval Coque Aumel Miel

Dr. Marta Miguel

Researcher at the Food Science Research Institute (CIAL, CSIC-UAM)

"Honey is a food that has accompanied men since prehistoric times and not only for its nutritional and healing properties but also for its exquisite sensoriality. In Aumel they have taught me a different way of feeling and understanding the world of honey. The art of detail, care and above all the passion and dedication with which they make their honey, in a traditional way and in full harmony with nature, is appreciated in each drop, with a sweet and velvety touch, floral aroma and appearance of the most coveted crystalline amber. "


Pistilo Flor de Jara Aumel Miel de Mil Flores

Because we craft our honey in a totally artisanal and sustainable way. With own harvests only limited by the weather conditions of each season. Old fashioned.

Both in cork hive and in traditional hive.

This natural and limited production gives our honey a high content of antioxidants, such as polyphenols.

Our production is limited, seasonal and artisanal.
Unpasteurized, mixed or ultrafiltered. Without using synthetic products.


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